Contributors, Supporters and Friends: (Also see "Sponsor" Page)

 Bill and Deanne Jeter- Drayton Island

Guy Flick and all those from Flick World who helped put together Flickstock II

Bob and Ann Flick for your gracious support
Dan- Camp Holly
Dean Campbell and Crew- Fellow Kayakers with the same St. Johns River goal and inspirations.

 Tommy Cook- St Johns River Water Management District
 Doug Voltolina- St Johns River Water Management District  


Marsh Bunny-Pebbles Elliott-
Tree Trimmer- River Dweller

Robert King- Lake Jesup Warrior

Victoria Freeman- House on Cherry Street Bed and Breakfast, Jacksonville 

Production Team

 Michelle Thatcher- Director and  Producer

Bill Belleville- Writer and Co-Executive Producer
Scott Whitney-  Co-Producer and  Editor 
Whitney Media Productions

Daniel Flick- Composer  and Co-Producer
Floridan Music Productions

 C. Douglas Howard – Motion Graphics 

Pixel1080 Studios – Dialogue Recording 

Karen Harrod- Artist Shari King- Graphic Artist 

Leslie Campagna- Graphic Artist 

Kirk Marsh- Photographer 

Ken Garduno- Artist 

Wendy Stahler –Copy Editing 

Videographer- Michelle Thatcher Additional Videography- Daniel Flick and Bill Belleville 

Additional Script review and writing- Scott Whitney       

Henry Maldanado - Inspiration
Deborah Schafer - Fundraiser 
Renae Gurtis- Production Assistant

Kirk Marsh- Photographer 

The Inspiration and support from Family

Kathy Thatcher

Fredrick Thatcher

Alexandra Bunker

Ian Thatcher

Stephanie Thatcher and Bert Rangel

Lois Strader

Much love and gratitude for all who support this film and project!