Jesup's Warrior


Fighting against the establishment

 Robert King, a good ol', well-informed country boy who is well known for his dedicated work to save the long-ignored and neglected Lake Jesup just south of Sanford---is often regarded as "Lake Jesup's Warrior".

 Jesup, a lake with its northern tip sheared off by the north-flowing St. Johns is a vital part of that river's character and biology. But because the river does not travel through the Lake as it does with other "dilations" along its flow, Jesup is seldom afforded the status and appreciation that other river-lakes enjoy. It takes a down-to-earth nature-boy like King---a big, burly man who is comfortable not mincing words about Jesup,  why it should not be polluted, and how government agencies should help restore it.


Mud Runner

Because Lake Jesup is so polluted and now full of mud, Robert must use his new "Mud Runner" boat to get out on the water.  


Peace and Solace

The pollution is mostly under the water and  the beautify Robert once knew is still present. Here is Bird Island at Sunrise.