River Characters


Those who dwell on the river

 Beyond the alligators, water moccassins, indigo snakes, blue herons and otherwildlife live the river "characters".  

Tree Trimmer


Wild River Man

 Tree is a Vietnam Vet living off of the St. Johns River, in the midst of the marsh.  

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Marsh Bunny


Scouting the Marsh

 Pebbles is the first "Marsh Bunny".  She has spent years scouting the upper St. Johns River from Lake Hell N' Blazes to Lake Jackson.  

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Jesup's Warrior


Fighter and Protector

Fighter and Protector of the Lake Jesup
Robert King at the Black Hammock 

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Vivi the Dirt Diva


The Southern "Belle" of Dirt.

 Vivi promotes the river through her engagement with local gardening, literary prose,  and passion.

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