Marsh Bunny


Camping on Mosquito Hill

Pebbles can build a fire without any wood.  Palm fronds will make a quick blaze.


Documenting Her Adventures

  Pebbles is the first Marsh Bunny.  She has spent years scouting the upper St. Johns River from Lake Hell N' Blazes to Lake Jackson.  She has created the website .  It chronicles her experiences on the river with her good friend Judy and hightlights the flora and fauna in that area.  

 This is Judy (Marsh Bunny II) and Pebbles together during a camping trip  to Mosquito Hill off of Little Sawgrass Lake.  The water level was very low and Pebbles had to push out with her paddles before she could put down her motor. 


A note from Marsh Bunny

"I grew up in Melbourne, running in the woods with my dog. The only time I remember going on the water as a child was one day when they were promoting an aqua-car on the Indian River. We got to go for a free ride, driving right from shore into the water and switching from wheel power to propeller power. About a year after graduating High School I joined the U.S. Navy. I served for 5 years as an illustrator-draftsman, stationed in Japan, California and Spain. Though never stationed on a ship, I developed a fondness for sailors, had a lot of adventures, and was always near the water. After getting out of the service and divorcing my husband, I headed back to Melboune where I fell in with a bad crowd - airboaters. I had several boyfriends (not all at the same time) who showed me the trails in the marsh and taught me to drive airboats. I fell in love with the marsh and got my gheenoe so I could go out on the water any time I wanted to. Over the years I have accumulated lots of great photos and information on the St. Johns River that I put on my website at . I worked as an illustrator at the Space Center for 10 years before taking a voluntary layoff to start my own graphic design business, Graphic Mac. Graphic Mac is still in business, and I also try to combine my love of the marsh with my love of eating regularly by using my photos and drawings to create tshirts, posters and other merchandise. Peb